Intense Weight Training Workouts

Welcome to the No.1 High Intensity Training Guide Online.

My name is Paul and I learned early on in my life that if you want to be ahead of the crowd, you cannot follow everyone else, and so I adopted my unorthodox way of training based on some of the principles put forth by High Intensity Training gurus Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer. I train heavy, I train hard, and I train fast. I built a great physique training for only thirty to forty minutes, three days a week.

High Intensity Training isn't for everyone, it is an arduous and physically demanding, however if you have what it takes, it can help you make your dreams a reality, male or female.

In all my experience, both personally and with the many clients that I have trained over the past decade, nothing has come close to this approach in consistently yielding phenomenal results.

For more information, checkout some of the articles and free sample workouts below:

High Intensity Arm Workouts The workouts presented here is designed to shock the hell out of your arms.

High Intensity Chest and Back Workouts Will construct a granite and impenetrable chest and back that can withstand the punishment life dishes out.

High Intensity Leg Workouts Combining heavy, compound straight-sets with light, time-compressed giant sets.

High Intensity Shoulder Workouts Will radically widen, thicken, and carve out your delts and traps.

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